About Pelion Surgical

Pelion Surgical specializes in high-quality, hand-held ophthalmic surgical instruments. We are a world leader in the research and development of not only surgical instruments, but also single-use products, pharmaceuticals, and office products for the ophthalmic industry.

We are dedicated to excellence in both our products and our service. With knowledgeable, personalized customer service, timely product delivery, and a commitment to quality that includes a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship, you can trust Pelion Surgical to supply your practice with the tools you need to provide the latest, most effective treatments.

History of Pelion Surgical

The President of Pelion Surgical, Sue Yeisley, has been in the surgical instrument business for more than a quarter-century. As co-founder of Metico Instruments, she was involved in the introduction of titanium surgical instruments and diamond knives and has, throughout her career, been at the forefront of new instrument design and development. She and her business partner, Lewis Sly, started Pelion Surgical after managing Akorn’s surgical instrument division.

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