Instrument Repair Services from Pelion Surgical

Pelion Surgical understands the need for quality service when it comes to repairing delicate surgical instruments.  Our Rapid Repair Service offers a fast, efficient way to handle instrument repairs. Because we know your time is valuable, we offer services designed to help you process your instrument repairs quickly and conveniently.

To speak with a representative regarding our instrument repair services, contact Pelion Surgical. You may also download our instrument repair form, fill out the required fields, and send it to us. We will then process your repair as quickly as possible.


Pelion Surgical’s highly skilled, experienced instrument craftsmen provide quality repairs of surgical instruments, regardless of the manufacturer. Whether you need a diamond blade repaired, micrometer recalibrated, scissors sharpened, or forceps straightened or realigned, our craftsmen can restore your instrument so it’s as close to its original condition as possible.

Rapid Service

Your instruments will be processed for repair in the shortest amount of time possible.


Pelion Surgical provides everything you need to process your repair, including our repair form, UPS pre-printed labels, and shipping boxes.

Free Shipping

Pre-paid, pre-printed UPS Second-Day Shipping forms are provided by Pelion Surgical.

Free Diamond Knife Inspection and Cleaning Services

We are happy to help you protect the investment you have made. To that end, free cleaning and inspection services are provided for any make diamond knife manufactured by Pelion Surgical.

To inquire about instrument repair services, or learn more about our products, contact Pelion Surgical. One of our representatives will be happy to speak with you.